Why Should I Use a Travel Agent? 

Life is busy.  Most people do not have the time to invest in planning a vacation, yet want an extraordinary experience . Travel agents help take the stress out of planning because we know destinations as well as the many details that go into a trip, and can help travelers get the most out of their budget.  

 I am experienced, knowledgeable, and very detail oriented.   When I first talk to a client, I learn likes and dislikes, interests, and budget.  Once I have an idea of what my clients want out of their trip, I am able to work on the many details to make every trip extraordinary.  The more information I have, the better I can serve you.  

My job as a professional is to have all the answers, yet sometimes I don’t.  Oops, did I say that out loud?!  It’s true.  While I have years of experience in the travel industry, I do not know everything there is to know about constantly changing destinations, travel policies, and regulations, but I make it my business to keep learning.  I value the clients who entrust me with their travel plans, and value myself as a professional, so make it a priority to continuously learn and keep up with the latest destination news, travel security regulations, and traveler benefits.  I participate in seminars, educational classes, and training at least twice a month to remain current on all things travel, so I can better serve your needs.  But…if I do not know the answer, I promise I will find it.  I have a team of experts at my host agency, respected colleagues, preferred vendors, and my Signature Travel Network affiliation to find the answers.  The questions you ask help me to serve you better, so bring them on!

How do I start working with Luxe Journeys Travel?    

To start making travel plans, please contact me by email, telephone, or Facebook Messenger.  You can also start the process by filling out one of the travel booking forms below that best serves your needs, and I will get back to you shortly.  99% of my business is referral only, so please let me know if you have been referred by current or former client.    (If you would like to set up an account for corporate travel, please contact me by email.)  

Once I receive your travel request, I will schedule a 30-45 minute complimentary travel consultation to determine your interests, needs, and budget.   Once the consultation is complete, if you decide to move forward with the planning/booking process, I will send you an invoice and start working on your plans.  

How Can I Contact You?

I am located in Arizona, the land of the quirky time zone.  In the summer, we are on Pacific time; in the winter we are on Mountain Time.  

My hours are: Monday – Friday from 9am – 7pm  AZ time; Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.  I am a night owl so am usually up late to take emails and work on trip details. I am the only employee of Luxe Journeys, so if you cannot get hold of me, please leave me a voicemail message or email me and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.  If you are on Facebook, you can also send me a message through Messenger.

Email:  julie@luxejourneystravel.com

Phone:  480-382-5448

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LuxeJourneysTravel/ 

What kind of travel plans can we make with you?  


I have full access to a global distribution system (GDS) with inside availability for domestic and international air flights, hotels, and car rentals.  In addition, I have travel agency access to major cruise lines, tour companies, luxury vacation rentals, and more.   Finally, as a full-service agency, I can book shore and land excursions, ground transportation, and travel insurance.  I can also book concert and theater tickets, golf tee times and spa reservations, restaurant reservations, and assist with grocery/gift services.  Basically, whatever you envision for your trip, I can assist with.

I am experienced in all types of travel but my specialties include family and luxury travel, river and ocean cruises, national parks, ski travel, and theme park travel.  I have traveled extensively both my myself and with family, so know destinations first-hand.  


Why do you charge booking/planning fees? 

The travel industry has changed over the years and many suppliers do not pay commission to travel agents.  The commissions we do receive do not adequately compensate for the time, research, and customization we put into each itinerary.  A service fee ensures we receive appropriate compensation. 

Luxe Journeys Travel offers services beyond what you can get from an online DIY travel service, offering personalized customer service from the moment you contact us until you collect your last bag.  All clients receive customized itineraries with mobile phone access, airline seat checking, airline flight cancellation services, hotel amenities and upgrades, and more.  We go above and beyond for every traveler.  



What else do you offer?  


Signature Travel Network

As a member of the Signature Luxury Travel Network we have access to special privileges at over one-thousand 4 and 5-star hotel and resort properties worldwide, offering amenities such as:  

  • Complimentary breakfast for two daily
  • Room upgrade upon arrival, based on availability.
  • $100 resort, dining, or spa credit*
  • Early check-in and late check-out, based on availability.

*Actual value of privileges varies by property, room type, length and dates of stay. Please inquire for more information.  Luxe Journey Travel also has access to amenities for cruise and land tours as well. 


Customized Itinerary Services

Luxe Journeys Travel has invested in itinerary building software services to provide our clients with up-to-date flight information and customized trip details that can be accessed via their mobile phone.  


Seat Selection Services

If we are unable to get your preferred airline seating at time of booking, I will monitor your air reservations for better seat availability. 


Flight Cancellation Service

If your flight is cancelled during regular business hours, I will be able to assist with rebooking you on an alternative flight.  This will save you time in airport service lines or on hold with the airline.


Why do you ask travelers to fill out forms?  

When making travel plans, I request clients fill out 2-3 forms to find out travel destination, interests, budget, and other information.  My main forms are a travel request form, a traveler profile form, and a credit card authorization form.  These forms ensure I have all dates, names, and other important information correct when making reservations.  

I may also request additional information depending on travelers needs.  These forms are necessary to provide the most complete service possible and assist me with information to keep travelers comfortable and safe, with questions such as likes/dislikes, health requirements (allergies etc),  sleep, dining, and seating preferences, and frequent traveler reward information.  The traveler profile form is kept on file for future travel, so information is not requested again unless additional information is needed.  (Credit card authorizations forms will be needed for each transaction.) 

We comply with all state, federal, and international identification and passport requirements including matching all travel documents.  To fulfill these requirements, we need photocopies of all passport and other government identification that will be used for travel plans to match travel documents with passenger identification.  An incorrect name on an airline ticket or cruise manifest can be a costly mistake.  All passport or identification documentation is sent through a secure link.

Finally, to make certain all travel plans are accurate and approved, and all charges are authorized, we must receive all travel authorizations and documentation in writing, including travel agreements and credit card authorizations.   These forms are in place to protect your travel investment as well as the integrity of my business.