As a professional travel advisor, I charge a retainer service fee for all travel services I offer, including pricing and destination information.  


  • The travel industry has changed over the years and travel advisors and customers need to evolve as well.  Most travel plans, even basic hotel and air take time to research to finalize, especially for the traveler who is uncertain of their destination, budget, or needs. This is especially relevant for clients who are looking at multiple destinations or who have customized itineraries that require additional time and research.  I focus on building a relationship with my clients to determine their exact wants, needs, hopes, and dreams, in order to create a tailor-made travel experience. By charging a fee, I am able to offer my clients my commitment to excellence and attention to detail.  


  • With over 28+ years as a corporate, leisure, and group agent, I bring comprehensive knowledge and experience to every travel experience.  My professional affiliation with Plaza Travel and Signature Travel Network allows me to offer my clients additional amenities above and beyond what they would receive by booking reservations on their own or through an online travel booking service, often for the same price or less than they would pay direct.  
  • While my goal is to always offer my clients the best trip for their budget, I am not a low-cost or budget agency and do not compete with the “big box warehouse stores” or online booking agencies. I am a an luxury agency for clients who are looking for an affordable luxury or ultra-luxury trips. 


In short, I am worth my retainer fee and my customers would agree 


Most airlines no longer pay commission to travel agents and many hotels/tours no longer pay a competitive commission, so charging a retainer fee allows me to create an incredible trip for my clients while still getting compensated for my time. As other professionals, I expect to be paid for the work I do, and appreciate those who value my time and expertise and willing to make the investment for a quality trip.  


My superpower is incredible customer service while saving my clients time, money, and stress!  

Service fee structure available upon request.  Each itinerary is customized with fee structure. 

Cancellation/Change Fees

  • Standard Hotel/Auto Reservations - $15 within hotel/auto cancellation policy
  • International Airline Ticket Cancellation/Change (Per Person) $25
  • Cruise/Tour Package Cancellation Fee - $25
  • Customized Itinerary Cancellation/Change (Per Person) -$50
  • Group Package Cancellation/Change Fee - $50-100